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Therapy Offered

Through our collaboration with FOX Rehabilitation we are able to provide physical, occupational and speech therapies to individuals that use our services. Clients that have received our services have already demonstrated improvement in coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, pain management, posture and gait.


The Better Days Foundation was created to meet the challenges we see individuals facing every day and their desire to be contributing,productive members of the community. The foundation works with individuals 21 years of age and older with many disabilities including brain injury, dementia, cerebral palsy, individuals that are nonverbal and a number with seizure disorders. The hope of the foundation is to give individuals a sense of purpose, pride and ownership through services they would benefit from.


Individuals are able to receive therapy if it is determined through an assessment that they qualify and their insurance approves the service. 

Individuals that are denied therapy through their insurance would be eligible to receive funding through the foundation. 


To inquire about the foundation and the Therapy program please use the following:


Contact Number: (610) 792-8800

Address: 470 N. Lewis Road, Limerick PA 19468. 


Donations: Make Checks out to 

Bon Homie Better Days Foundation

In memo write Therapy

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